2024. 05. 03
6 min

How Billing Mediation & Reconciliation Saves Money Immediately

Billing mediation & reconciliation has traditionally been an inefficient process, requiring billing and pricing teams to manually trawl through data to compare buy-in-costs and quantities against sell-prices. In an environment where ordering, provisioning and Billing are not joined up, this is often the only way to ensure expensive revenue leaks are identified before they turn into significant on-going losses that can really hurt.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are three ways Crystal’s UNO 360 Mediation & Reconciliation module saves your channel business time and money as well as maximising revenue.

Process automation

The most significant way an advanced Mediation module saves businesses money is by acting as a 24/7, always-on collector of event information. We collect usage and non-usage automatically from carriers (CDR’s and Billing files) as well as the equivalent Licence and CSP Usage from AWS, Azure/Microsoft etc. This data is mediated into our standard format and can be used to drive billing, or simply for reconciliation and reporting.

All the data it collects (who the service belong to, what products were used and when etc) is then standardised, measured and reconciled against pricing to flag loss-making services, missing services and those that have not reached agreed thresholds.

This can only help maximise billed revenue.

Human error

Mediation is a pivotal process where the smallest oversight can cause significant issues, especially those that can go unnoticed for long periods.

When done manually, there’s always a chance that mistakes are made - it’s part of being human. When automated, Coded and managed correctly, revenue leakage becomes a thing of the past.

UNO’s data model and processes are developed with a laser focus on accuracy and adaptability. It is informed by the team’s decades of experience in the finance, retail and telecoms industries. All sectors where attention to detail is pivotal to success, meaning issues such as duplicate identification, reversals, and forced amends have been considered and resolved to better protect the viability and accuracy of the data ingested.

Onboarding & offering new products

Crystal prides itself on the ease and speed of its migration to UNO from other billing platforms.

Once a new customer provides the necessary logins, Crystal's team will migrate historic billing data and calibrate against the most recent billing cycles, including the raw CDR data and postings, against the previous system.

With the foundations in place, UNO’s range of automation tools significantly reduces the time required for partners to bring new products to market. What can take days on more traditional, well-known platforms - Integrating product catalogue, product availability, as well as defining billing behaviours such as recurring charges, termination fees etc. – can be configured, verified and ready to sell within hours on UNO.

If you need your billing platform to work smarter, not cause your team to work harder, get in touch with our expert team today and discover how Crystal and UNO can help save your business time and money.