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Fraud Prevention

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The primary purpose of UNO Fraud Prevention is to detect fraudulent, suspicious or unusual activity to minimise financial risk to your business and your customers. It also raises alerts against High-Spend services as required.

minimise financial risk

It does so by profiling usage at an individual service level and examining it for both Subscription and Intrusion fraud using a number of different techniques.

  • We explicitly look for known patterns for previously identified fraud exploits.
  • We maintain both Blacklists & Whitelists
  • We also apply algorithmic methods that identify previously undetected exposure.

Alerts may be sent automatically to Resellers, Carriers or the end-user based on time-of-day and severity.

The system minimises financial risk but is designed so as to not over burden the Service Provider with false alerts.

full Alert control

When an alert is detected, any action taken is based on thresholds, day-of-week, time-of-day, severity and most importantly, the behaviour pre-defined by you or from the default, built-in behaviour profiles.

Alerts are examined by the Alert-Dispatcher that ultimately decides what alerts to send and which to ignore, based on your individual settings. They are delivered automatically using the KCI module to ensure consistency

UNO-Fraud can also be implemented as a Revenue-Generating product rather than a cost to the business. Some of our clients offer products that limit a customer’s liability as result of fraud to a set amount for a recurring fee.

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