Keeping Customers Informed is key to having customers who feel valued. Of itself, this can lead to reduced churn and increased Loyalty.

Keeping Customers Informed

UNO-KCI communicates targeted information to end-users such as service delivery confirmation, outage alerts, ticket status changes and spend alerts.

This ensures your customers are kept up to date with regard to issues affecting any level of their service or simply delivering a courtesy alert that a new invoice is ready or payment has been taken.

UNO KCI is also a mass communication application and can be used delivery of outbound communications to prospects and customers via Letters, SMS or email using either third-party apps or via pre-integration with UNO Campaigns.

All such events are logged and auditable and GDPR compliant.

Customers have the ability to build and manage brandable templates for each communication and for all mediums used.

25 years working with key industry players

  • Crystal partner´s UK Three brand
  • Crystal partner´s Vodafone Ireland brand
  • Crystal partner´s Vodafone UK brand
  • Crystal partner´s Eir brand
  • Crystal partner´s Imagine brand
  • Crystal partner´s Magnet brand
  • Crystal partner´s Magnet + brand

Technology partners

  • Crystal Technology partner´s Huawei brand
  • Crystal Technology partner´s Microsoft brand
  • Crystal Technology partner´s Oracle brand
  • Crystal Technology partner´s Hewlett Packard Enterprise brand

Senior Billing Manager, Vodafone UK

« Business process improvement, IT cost reduction, customer churn reduction and business growth through speedy product launches are some of the benefits we achieved since we installed UNO »

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