Why UNO Billing Solutions ?

You asked, why..? We say:

  • UNO is used by UK and Irish Networks as well as Resellers. Its scalability is unrivalled.

  • Processes 1m CDRs in under 5 seconds.

  • Has state of the art pricing model.

  • Masterfully orchestrates provisioning workflows.

  • Has powerful Sales and CRM system or you can simply choose to hook it up with a Sales and CRM system of your choice through open APIs.

  • UNO Product Catalogue allows bundling of all technologies.

  • Has most comprehensive billing and margin reporting.

  • Can be deployed with its own data warehouse should you need to point your BI tools to it.

  • Has state of the art and future proof mobile billing structure for painless and speedy product launches.

  • Offers contract-based billing allowing you to monitor committed revenue, plan for and manage re-sign activity, monitor minimum commitments and report on total contract value to name a few of the benefits

  • Can be deployed on premise or in the Cloud

  • Has multiple bill fulfilment options

So, why not UNO?

25 years working with key industry players

  • Crystal partner´s UK Three brand
  • Crystal partner´s Vodafone Ireland brand
  • Crystal partner´s Vodafone UK brand
  • Crystal partner´s Eir brand
  • Crystal partner´s Imagine brand
  • Crystal partner´s Magnet brand
  • Crystal partner´s Magnet + brand

Technology partners

  • Crystal Technology partner´s Huawei brand
  • Crystal Technology partner´s Microsoft brand
  • Crystal Technology partner´s Oracle brand
  • Crystal Technology partner´s Hewlett Packard Enterprise brand

Senior Billing Manager, Vodafone UK

« Business process improvement, IT cost reduction, customer churn reduction and business growth through speedy product launches are some of the benefits we achieved since we installed UNO »

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